We start our journey a few kilometers outside the Alpine town of Bled, exploring the beautiful Vintgar Gorge, graced with pools, rapids of the Radovna River, unravelling Šum Waterfall at the end. Then we drive back to Bled where we sail to Bled Island in the traditional Pletna boat and walk the 99 stone steps to visit the Church of the Assumption. After arriving back to the lake's shore the options are in your hands. We can visit the majestic Bled Castle from which we can see a beautiful view all over the stunning Lake Bled or we can take a walk along the lake. Continue the road to visit the karst Postojna Cave, where you discover the underground beauties: spectacular stalactotes, stalagmites, limestone curtains and more by riding the train. Finish the journey by visiting the village Predjama and entering majestc Predjama Castle carved into a 123-metre high stone wall.


predjama castle



Every day
Departures: from 8 am to 7.30 - 8.00 pm
Minimum: 3 people

  Price adults: 114 €

  Price children up to 15 years: €104

For our one day trip in Slovenia, adventurers need: sport shoes and warm clothes 

What is included? Transportation, Plena boat ride to Bled island, entrance fees to the Vintgar Gorge, the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle, parking fees, guidance, organization.

Optional payment: Bled Castle entrance (9€)