Enjoy the remarkable scenery in one of our most exciting activities in Bled surroundings, Slovenia.

One of the company owners is a passionate paraglider and world cup pilot. In our agency, we work with experienced pilots only, who use the latest and most sophisticated equipment to ensure the safety of your paragliding adventure. You will definitely feel like a bird. No experience necessary.


The paragliding adventure starts in Begunje (577 m). You will begin with an adventurous off-road ride by jeep that will lead you to the starting point, which is 1,220 metres high. You will be able to see the most beautiful Slovenian sights from air – the Julian Alps and the Karavanke Mountains, which border to Austria and Italy. Some like to call it “The Path of the Three Lands”. One third of the Slovenia terrain is mountainous and hilly, and more than half of it is covered by forest.

The pilot will equip you with a helmet and harness, and explain a simple starting procedure to you. After a few steps, you will start gliding through the air and sit comfortably in the harness. You will feel the light breeze of the wind and the pilot will find raising air that will take you to the top of a mountain from where you can already see Bled Lake, if the weather is clear. After gliding away from the Dobrča Mountain, you will start to glide towards the landing field situated near the town of Begunje. On the way, you can admire the Julian Alps and the ruins of Kamen Castle (Eng. Stone Castle).


Paragliding in Bled - Slovenia

What to expect

Adventure in nature
Seeing sights

Every day: from April to October
Departures: individual times
Duration: 2 hours

  Price: 95€ (Take-off point at 1220m)
  Price: 115 € (Take-off point at 1450m)

Transportation from Ljubljana included for 2 people minimum
Optional payment: 15€ video record of your flight + 8GB USB drive
What is included? Transportation from Bled to Begunje, scenic jeep ride to the mountain, tandem flight, guidance, equipment.
Adventurers need: sport shoes, warm clothes